Man Oggling Children On Playground, Mother Shrieks After Turning Her Back For One Moment

In a bizarre and scary incident, a Missouri man has been arrested for attempted sodomy after he was witnessed assaulting a two-year-old girl at a playground in Kansas City. Fortunately, the child's mother fought the man off and he ran away. He was eventually arrested by police and is facing felony charges.

A local man William L. Bates Jr. has been charged with 1st degree attempted sodomy, and attempted statutory sodomy with a person less than 12 years old.

According to legal documents, Bates showed up at Kemp Playground in central Kansas City in the afternoon that day. Based on testimony from the child's mother, Bates was walking around "eyeballing" her children. The mom claims Bates then just walked up and snatched her two-year-old daughter off the swing, grabbed her by the hips and yanked her diaper down.

Bates lifted up his shirt, pulled his pants down, and started to thrust against the screaming little girl. The mom charged and knocked the sexual pervert to the ground, then started to beat Bates while he was down.

It seems Bates got to his feet after a few seconds and ran out of the park. The mom grabbed her kids and hurried to call police.

However, local KC police arrested Bates nearby a few hours later, and he was found in possession of marijuana and a vial of unidentified white fluid with an acrid chemical smell.

Bates was identified by the mother as the man who attacked her daughter from a police photo.

In his interrogation a short while later, Bates told investigators he bummed a cigarette from someone close to the park and doesn't remember anything else until he woke up inside a fenced in area nearby and was arrested shortly thereafter by police.

Of note, Bates' bond has been set at $150,000 cash by the county judge.

Source: Fox 4 KC
Photo: Fox 8

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