Man Notices Strange Rope, Pulls On It - Makes Horrifying Discovery

Dangerous booby traps have been hidden all over a New Jersey park's hiking trails. Police are worried that someone might get hurt or even killed by the traps. They're warning the public to be careful and asking for help in finding the culprit who planted the traps.

Someone had set a series of simple but potentially deadly booby traps on hiking and biking trails in High Mountain Park Preserve in Wayne. According to police, a number of traps have been found over the past month.

Some traps involve boards buried just below the surface of soil and debris. the boars are outfitted with protruding nails and screws. Other traps include rope and barbed wire stretched across trail paths right at head and shoulder height.

Around logs and rocks, where people might often go for a seat to rest, there are broken bottles buried so that jagged glass sticks out of the ground.

"Some of these were placed just under the ... surface to injure persons on foot or disable bicycle tires," said police Capt. Laurence W. Martin in a statement. "The barbed wire and rope that was strung across the path ways raises the threat to serious injury or death."

Police are working to catch the culprit who set the traps and are asking anyone with information to come forward. Until he's caught, police are warning people to be vigilant if they're going to the park.

Source: NJ.Com
Photo: Mad World News

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