Man Mistakes Big Zucchini For Bomb, Calls Police

A man was puttering around in his garden in Germany and became terrified when he noticed an oblong, dark green object that he didn't recognize. He suspected it was an old bomb unearthed from World War II, and the elderly man feared it could still be live. He called authorities to have it diffused, but thankfully it wasn't a bomb at all. It was just an overgrown zucchini.

Police rushed to the home of the 81-year-old man when he called to report the 16-inch green object that he spotted in the grass in his garden. It wouldn't be the first time that a bomb from the war had been unearthed in Germany. Sometimes entire areas need to be evacuated because bombs may still be live.

Authorities rushed over and, at first glance, they also thought it was a green painted bomb. The object was a dark green and speckled with some yellow pox marks that looked like rust or peeling paint. Police said it 'really did look very like a bomb', according to the Associated Press.

Upon further inspection, though, police realized that they were not dealing with a deadly weapon at all. It was just a green summer squash. Someone had chucked the big zucchini over the homeowner's wall, and apparently, he wasn't very familiar with the vegetable.

Police posted a photo of the 'Bombenfund' on their Facebook page, claiming that the neighborhood had a 'breath of relief' when the bomb was declared a cucurbit that weighed an impressive five pounds.

Once the object was deemed safe by local authorities, the ordnance disposal service was called off and the man was able to dispose of the foreign object himself. Apparently, the homeowner was very relieved.

"All's well that ends well," the post concludes.

The thought of a bomb is a scary thing, so it's not surprising that when people see something they suspect of being an explosive, they can get a little up in arms. One teen from Texas got arrested because authorities thought his home-made science project, a clock, was actually a time bomb. The 14-year-old was thought to be a suicide bomber.

I guess when it comes to potential bombs, though, it's better safe than sorry. One family was shocked after they had a close call on a beach. They came across a large object that they thought was an old, rusted buoy.

The parents allowed their children to play around the object and snapped a bunch of photos of them around it. They even allowed their 4-year-old to go up, touch it, and knock on the large, metal ball that was covered with oyster shells.

The next day, they saw on the news that the bomb squad had been called to the beach to detonate a live bomb. The parents nearly fell over when they saw that the bomb in question was the 'buoy' that the family played with the day before.

Thankfully, no one got hurt— with the buoy, or the zucchini.

Source: HuffPost, KCRA
Photo: YouTube

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