Man With Lung Infection Develops Horrific Black Blisters All Over His Lips

A 26-year-old man contracted a lung infection, but that was only the beginning of his problems. The patient went to the hospital as his condition declined, and soon began developing black blisters on his lips. The blisters reportedly also began to infect his eyes and penis. Thankfully, treatments were successful and the man has been cured.

The unnamed patient was in a hospital in the UK after suffering from a fever, cough and rash. Upon listening to his chest, emergency room doctors could hear a crackling in his lungs. They also noted the rash, which was not itchy, that had been developing on his feet and his hands.

Tests for herpes came back negative. Doctors eventually diagnosed him with mycoplasma pneumoniae, a bacteria in his lungs that causes pneumonia, chest colds, sore throats, ear infections, and, if patients have a hyper-sensitive reaction to it, ulcers.

The condition is known as mucositis. In addition to the lung infection, it can also cause blisters and ulcers. As the patient was being treated in the hospital, disturbing-looking blisters began to develop all over his lips. The blisters turned black, and were so painful that the patient had to be fed through a feeding tube.

Doctors said the 26-year-old patient was also beginning to develop ulcers on his eyes and on his penis. The mouth, eyes, and genitals are all soft tissue areas, and the bacteria was growing rapidly and damaging the mucous membranes. This is usually a side-effect of chemotherapy; drugs that destroy cancer cells also destroy the mucous membrane cells.

This is why people going through chemotherapy might experience white patches in the mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, bleeding blisters or sores.

Thankfully, two weeks of antibiotic treatments helped the man make a full recover. His mouth, eyes and penis eventually returned to normal.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Mycoplasma pneumoniae is an 'atypical' bacteria. M. pneumoniae actually causes a more mild form of pneumonia that some people call ‘walking pneumonia’, and it’s not that uncommon. An estimated 2 million people suffer from it every year, though many cases go unreported so it is unclear just how common it is.

The case of the 26-year-old man with black blisters on his lips did make the New England Journal of Medicine due to the uncommonly severe side effect of the condition.

Also making the New England Journal of Medicine was an unnamed 55-year-old patient who developed a 'black hairy tongue' after a car accident. In the accident, the woman's legs were crushed, and she was given the antibiotic minocycline to combat infections in her wounds.

After one week of using the antibiotics, she noticed her tongue was turning black.

The woman began to develop a bad taste in her mouth and was beginning to suffer from nausea. Her tongue became even more black, developing what looks like a coating of hairy stubble.

The condition is harmless however, and usually something found in people who have poor oral hygiene. Doctors say the cause of the condition was the antibiotic. Doctors expect her to make a full recovery from her ‘black hairy tongue’, though photos of the woman’s mouth look quite disturbing.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: New England Journal Of Medicine, Fine Art America

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