Man Gives Brutally Honest Answer When Asked Why He Killed A Cop In Cold Blood

Police apprehended a suspect in the San Antonio shooting that took the life of a law enforcement officer on Sunday. After being taken into custody, he confessed and apologized for the murder.

After a massive manhunt, photos of the suspect led to the arrest of Otis Tyrone McKane, age 31. McKane allegedly killed Detective Benjamin Marconi because he was an officer in uniform.

Marconi, 50, was conducting a routine traffic stop near noon on Sunday. He had stopped a driver and had gone back to his patrol car to write a ticket. McKane pulled up behind Marconi, walked up to the driver's side window of the patrol car and shot the detective in the head. He then fired a second bullet before returning to his vehicle and speeding away.

The SWAT team was present when apprehending McKane, who was driving a car with a woman passenger and a two-year-old child. He was arrested without incident.

McKane claims he 'lashed out at somebody who didn't deserve it.' The suspect told reporters that he was upset because of a number of custody battles and that 'society not allowing me to see my son.'

When asked if he had anything to say to Marconi's family, McKane said, “I'm sorry."

Source: Click 2 Houston
Photo: YouTube

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