Man Finds Horrific Surprise In Gas Pump - Just Pulls It On Out

During the course of the average day, there’s a number of things you expect to see on your travels. Traffic and crowds are two things that come to mind, but there are also pleasant things you may see such as children playing or a young couple enjoying each other’s company. You may even come across some things that are a little on the surprising side. An accident or a near miss falls into that category, as does a random meltdown from a stranger that’s having a rough day.

Instances in the realm of downright shocking are generally pretty few and far between, but here’s one of them that customers that stopped by the Cowboys Shell Gas Station in Georgia will likely never forget. As WSB-TV shares, there was something unbelievable lingering inside one of the gas pumps, and thankfully there’s some video footage to prove that this isn’t just a random urban legend.

A commotion had broken out around one of the pumps, and Brandon Radke went to go check it out. It seems that a snake had taken up residence inside one of the pumps, and customers were downright terrified. Radke was undeterred, as he’s apparently some sort of amateur snake charmer.

Radke would calmly jostle with the snake using the gas nozzle, and when the snake stuck itself out far enough, he grabbed it from the back of its head. From that point, he would release the slithery creature into the woods. Radke was sure to wrap his shirt around his hand to avoid a snakebite, but that hardly seems like it would’ve been much of a deterrent.

Stunned onlookers were downright dumbfounded at what they had witnessed, but Radke played it off like no big thing.

"Once you grab behind the head it can't really reach around and get you," he said.

Other customers indicate that there’s no way in hell they would’ve done what he did.

“This old man would have a heart attack,” said one customer.

“I'd take off running,” added another.

“He's a better man than I am,” stated another.

Radke is now a viral sensation based on the strength of his amazing actions, but there are also a ton of questions swirling around about what he was thinking. The snake could’ve easily lurched at him, and this video would’ve quickly become a horror clip instead. It’s unclear if he’s familiar with snakes, but it’s probably safe to assume that this isn’t his first rodeo with the creatures.

Either way, it may have been more prudent to call in animal control to deal with the situation. While it sounds like Radke was able to handle things humanely, there was too much of a risk for something to go wrong. It doesn’t appear as if that crossed his mind even for an instant, so we can consider Radke someone we would like to have on our side in a precarious situation.

As for the gas station, there’s no word as of yet as to whether or not they intend to take some steps to snake-proof the pumps.

Source: WSB-TV
Photo: KHQ Screenshot, YouTube

Brandon shocked onlookers when he just reached in to grab the snake.

Fortunately, he wasn't harmed, and he released the snake.

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