Man Claims He Found Maggots Inside Sandwich From WaWa Market

This story might put you off sandwiches for a while.

In New Jersey, a man says he was horrified when he bought a sandwich at a local Wawa, only to discover his hoagie had been invaded by maggots. His mother posted a video to YouTube showing some creepy-crawlies wriggling out of the meal.

Wawa says they don't believe it, though, and they're calling out their accusers.

Chris Garcia picked up a buffalo chicken cheesesteak hoagie on Saturday at a Wawa in Ewing, New Jersey. He says when he got home he was stunned to unwrap the sandwich and find things were moving.

“My sauce started going up on my paper wrapper,” Garcia told The Trentonian. “Sauce isn’t supposed to do that. So I flipped my light back on and I saw two maggots just moving around on my sandwich.”

The 22-year-old showed his mother the sandwich for a second opinion, to make sure he wasn't 'tripping', and she confirmed that there were fly larvae crawling around in the sandwich.

According to his account, Garcia raced into the bathroom to throw up. His mother, in the meantime, pulled out her phone and video recorded the disgusting sandwich for evidence.

Garcia says when he was able to stop vomiting, he went back to the store with his sandwich to complain. Employees offered him a refund, or a replacement sandwich.

The Jersey man probably won't have an appetite for hoagies anytime soon, so he accepted the refund. He says he then went to the hospital to get checked out, and was given medicine to kill parasites.

The customer says he’s not happy with the way the issue was resolved. He claims employees made a joke about the maggots, and he’s dissatisfied with mere reimbursement of the sandwich. “I didn’t think it was handled appropriately,” Garcia told The Trentonian. “I don’t think they really cared.”

When questioned about the video, the gas station convenience store chain expressed doubts about the contents of the sandwich. A company spokesperson says they're investigating the footage, but adds, “We believe the circumstances described in the video are highly unlikely, if not impossible to occur in our store environment.”

The spokesperson claims that the store's quality standards would not allow a maggot-filled sandwich to get past them.

“We have a detailed process to authenticate and assess complaints surrounding anything that would take away from the best and most positive Wawa experience possible,” the statement goes on to say. “We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality in the food that we serve and the conditions in which we serve it. We inspect our stores on a daily basis and have rigorous processes in place to prevent incidents of this type from occurring.”

Wawa is investigating, as per their company guidelines, but they claim that as of yet they have found no evidence of contamination in their store.

Garcia says he’s considering taking legal action. “It’s not really about the money. They can’t be serving food like that,” he said. “People could really get sick from this.”

Source: Philly Mag, New York Post
Photos: John LeMasney/Flickr, Terry Robinson/Flickr, Steven Depolo/Flickr, YouTube

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