Man Does The Unthinkable With His $200M Powerball Winnings

A Powerball winner who won $200 million has decided to pay it forward for his community.

Mark Hill and his wife paid for a new fire station in his home town of Camden Point. The new building holds both the ambulance service and fire trucks.

Of note, the project might not have ever happened if fire volunteers hadn’t saved Mark Hill’s father’s life on two separate occasions.

“My wife and I were able to pay them back,” Hill noted with a smile.

The Hill family hit a $200 million Powerball in November 2012. Since their big win, the family has adopted two more kids, purchased several new cars, built a bigger house and gone on a few vacations.

Locals say that the Hills have also made a big difference in Camden Point, and the fire station is just the latest project.
However, Hill says he’s not looking for compliments.

“You know what? If my wife and I could have built this without anybody knowing that her and I were building it, that’s exactly what we would have done,” he commented drily.

“This room is 100 percent concrete. It was totally encased in concrete -- the floor, ceiling, walls, everything except the doors,” Assistant Fire Chief Ethan Ball commented, talking about a training room in the facility.

The training room has radiant heating in the floors, and there is lots of room to expand because of Hill’s planning with the fire district, architects and local contractors. The station has been designed to last for several decades.

“We took our time to put things together so this would be something that we would be proud of and also that would be a great asset to the community,” noted Camden Point Fire Chief Walt Stubbs.

Source: KMBC
Photo: WSMV

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