Man Does The Unthinkable To Child Bride - Her Life Is Forever Changed

A domestic violence victim from Afghanistan is finally free from her abusive husband, but it came with a major cost. The husband believed his woman had been talking to other men, so he tied her up, beat her and sliced off her ears.

The woman, known only as Zarina, said she was forced into marriage with her husband at the age of 13. He regularly assaulted her throughout the course of their marriage.

He came home and woke her in the middle of the night enraged, and accused her of talking to other men. He tied his child bride up and began brutalizing her. The attack culminated in cutting off Zarina's ears.

The young woman claims she never even committed the offense of which she was accused. "I haven't committed any sin," she told the BBC. "I don't know why my husband did this to me."

"He is a very suspicious man and often accused me of talking to strange men when I went to visit my parents," she added, revealing that after marrying him he tried to get her to cut ties with her family.

Zarina is glad that the marriage is ending, though she'll have to live with the scars she endured during her traumatic life.

Police are looking for the husband, who is currently on the run in Kashinda. He'll be arrested for domestic abuse if he is caught.

Zarina's story is only the latest in a wave of violent domestic abuse stories coming out of Afghanistan. One woman's husband cut off her nose last month; another woman was stoned to death in 2015 for being accused of adultery; another woman made the cover of Time magazine after her husband cut off her nose and ears to punish her for running away.

In a study from Global Rights, some 85 percent of Afghan woman reported that they had suffered abuse at the hands of their husband. Many had been forced into marriage. For most of them, divorce is not an option.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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