Man Cracks Brick From Ancient Wine Cellar, Stunned By What's Inside

If you look carefully, you can interesting of things in the most unexpected of places. Thousands of people have discovered long-lost valuables in their attics or a cache rare coins out in a field.

You can also sometimes find amazing things when you’re not actually looking for them. One man recently found this out firsthand while building a wine cellar.

The owner had decided to use old bricks on the project to create a rustic look, but they had no idea one of the bricks had an almost 200 year old secret inside of it.

“So this is a wine cellar that my boss and I built last summer,” the man noted in a social media post titled “I found something neat.”

He posted a pic of the finished wine cellar. “Here’s the other side,” he wrote about the rustic brick cellar. “It was built with local sandstone and reclaimed brick.”

He also included a photo of one of the bricks they used. “Here is one of the reclaimed bricks with a partial stamp.”

“I did some research to find where and when these bricks came from,” the post continued. “It’s quite impressive seeing as though the wine cellar is on Vancouver Island.”

It turned out that most of the bricks they were using for the wine cellar were made by the Illinois Brick Company in the first half of the 19th century.

The poster went on: “One day I reached for a brick only to have the end of it fall off, revealing what I’m assuming is some poor factory worker’s house key. Either that or I am about to embark on an adventure as grand as National Treasure 2,” the man joked about his unusual find.

That said, any way you look at it, finding an old skeleton key in a brick is a pretty amazing discovery!

Source: Viral Whimsical
Photo: Viral Whimsical

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