Man Complained About Crying Baby in Restaurant, So Mother Hit Him in The Face

It's a familiar scenario. A mother decides to get out for a night with her young infant in tow. She goes to a restaurant, the infant starts to cry, and other patrons begin to react. Some are understanding and offer the mother a reassuring smile.

Others complain because the meal they're paying for was just ruined by an ongoing loud disruption. It puts a woman with a baby in a terrible position, but one new mom decided she was wasn't going to take criticism sitting down.

Shacoya Latresa Long was eating at Luke's, a restaurant in Rock Hill, South Carolina, with her baby. According to reports, the baby wouldn't stop crying throughout her whole meal-- approximately 30 minutes.

The man at the next table was growing frazzled from the continued noise and he complained to Long. “I can’t even hear myself talk," he reportedly said.

Long became upset. She got up and hit the man in the head in response to his complaint.

Staff called police to the establishment, noting the woman was irate. She was yelling and cursing at the man who complained about her baby's crying.

When police arrived, Long told them that she was upset by the complaints, and in her frustration she 'swung at' the man.

The 55-year-old victim claims that after he complained, Long began cursing at him. She got up, walked over to him and struck him in the face.

Long was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery.

On Long's Facebook page, she describes herself as a ' cool ass chick who dont take no sh-t from anybody' and says 'i always keep it str8 hood'. She may have gone a little to far now in standing up for herself, and the 25-year-old mother will have to face the consequences.

Babies screaming in restaurants is a hot-button issue that divides many people. On the one hand, people argue that children are part of society and we should, as a society, get used to the fact that baby's cry when we go out in public. Parents deserve to get a night out, too, and have varying circumstances.

Some defend the parents, particularly of babies too young to understand and control themselves and say the parents shouldn't be judged.

Others complain that parents who bring infants to restaurants are being insensitive to everyone else. People go for a night out to relax, and since they're paying for the meal they deserve a peaceful atmosphere.

Some people may be celebrating a special occasion, others might have had a family tragedy and are looking for some consolation in a hot meal, and they shouldn't have to have their nerves rattled by a crying child.

At the very least, a mother with a crying baby who won't calm down after a couple of minutes should have the consideration to step outside or in a restroom or go somewhere to avoid bothering other diners.

Others see it more as the fault of the restaurant for allowing the disruption to continue and for not making stricter rules about children who make noise. Some restaurant owners are doomed to alienate one group or another—either the parents (and their supporters) or the diners who wish for quiet.

Source: Miami Herald
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