Man Can't Seem To Kick His Cold, Doctor's Make Strange Discovery In His Xrays (Photos)

A man in China who thought he was suffering from a cold had trouble breathing, so he went to the emergency room. Doctors took a chest X-ray to see what was wrong, but the X-ray revealed something really important had disappeared: his lung.

Yu Hang, a 32-year-old from the Zhejiang Province, baffled doctors when his X-ray revealed his left lung was gone. The man had only come in for a check-up because he thought he was suffering from a bad cold. The X-ray revealed that it was worse than that; somehow, Hang’s left lung was missing from his body.

Doctors rushed Hang into surgery. They found the lung - it had shriveled up completely. They thought they found a tumor that was the cause of the problem and they removed it.

What they found turned out not to be a tumor - it was a pen cap. The plastic cap was lodged in Hang's bronchial passageway and collapsed his lung. Hang hadn't even noticed.

Hang did recall swallowing a pen cap by accident once when he was a young child. He was doing homework and had it in his mouth. He thought he just swallowed it, and never thought much of it after that. "All these years I have never felt any problems with my lungs or chest tightness, shortness of breath or other lung problems," said Hang.

According to his doctors, Hang's lung function will never return. The organ is destroyed. However, many people can go on to live full and normal lives with just one lung. As long as Hang doesn't have any aspirations of going to the Olympics or joining a professional soccer team, he should be fine.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

Man thought he had a bad cold, turns out he only has one lung.

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