Man Builds The Most Amazing Gravestone Following His 10-Year-Old Son's Death

On September 23, 1988, Ernest and Anneke Robinson celebrated the birth of their son Matthew Stanford Robinson.

However, Matthew suffered from severe disabilities and was blind and paralyzed from the neck down.

At first, doctors thought that Matthew would only live for a few hours. However, due to his strength of character and family support, Matthew lived 10-and-a-half years.

When Matthew passed on in 1999, Ernest came to the decision that his son’s gravestone should be a beautiful and unique memorial, and something that would depict the real Matthew and would signify hope rather than grief.

The amazing tombstone in memory of his son can be seen today at the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

The base of the gravestone displays a traditional inscription of faith

The rest of the gravestone, however, is a breathtaking sculpture of a young boy rising out of his wheelchair and reaching up to the sky.

In this way, Matthew is shown as “free of his earthly burdens.”

Moreover, Matthew’s tombstone has become a place of hope and not sadness and grief.

Matthew’s statue has been visited by millions of people from all over the world, and has evoked a sense of wonderment and happiness in each and every one.

Source: Little Things
Photo: HeroViral, Little Things

So beautiful!

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