Man’s Relationship Goes From Bad To Worse Really Quick

Most couples meet online these days, but it's important to remember just how careful you have to be when dealing with complete strangers. One Indiana man met a woman online, and after a whirlwind romance they planned a pre-wedding honeymoon to Italy and a small ceremony. Then things started to go very wrong. The man was initially shattered, but he realizes now that he's lucky to have escaped.

Don Huckstep, a 57-year-old Indiana man, met and fell in love with Teri Deneka in 2014. The couple met online, then in person, and months later they were planning to be married. Just weeks before their pre-wedding honeymoon in Italy, however, things started falling apart.

Deneka told Huckstep that she was bringing her mother, who Huckstep understood to have been battling cancer, from Florida to Chicago to visit family. A few days later, Deneka texted Huckstep to report her mother died in Chicago. She said she'd be busy for a few days transporting the body back to Florida for burial.

A few days after that, Deneka texted Huckstep to tell him she'd returned home to Indiana. The woman had just bought a small fixer-upper when the couple met, and Huckstep had filled it with $9,000 worth of furniture, expecting to move into it with her after the wedding. Deneka texted Huckstep to tell him she loved him, but said it was a hard time to talk and she needed some alone time.

A few days after that, Huckstep got a message: “I am not going to be around anymore. Please don’t call me or come by the house. Believe me I’m doing you a huge favor. Teri.”

It was just three weeks before their big trip and wedding; Huckstep was flabbergasted. He tried getting in touch but was unable. A few days later he was even more shocked when a friend came to offer condolences. The friend had no idea the couple had split up, but heard that Deneka died.

Deneka was found in her home. She committed suicide by taking a lethal cocktail of drugs. She also had a .22 caliber revolver by her side. Police noted the house was a mess, full of trash, cat droppings and had a terrible stench.

Upon investigation, police learned what might have set off Deneka. She got a visit from an old friend days before her death: her sister in law. Just a couple of years earlier, she met another man online named Milan Lekich. She married him, and he'd been missing for a year. The family got word that Deneka gave birth to twins, was devastated when one died, then died of leukemia herself.

Deneka had been using Lekich's credit cards. In addition, when she married Lekich, she was committing bigamy. She was already married to another man. Even now, with plans to marry Huckstep, there was yet another man she'd been texting.

The mystery started to come together when Deneka's son went to clean her house. He found the remains of Lekich and his grandmother. Lekich had been dismembered and placed in a barrel. Both were wrapped in blankets. And both had been shot in the head with a gun that matched Deneka’s.

Source: Indianapolis Monthly
Photo: Screenshot

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