Malia Obama Loses Internship For Doing Drugs In Spain - There's Just One Problem

Being a member of the former first family comes with some serious pros and cons, one of the main cons being the incredible amount of scrutiny one might face every day. It often involves dealing with one of Donald Trump's go-to terms: fake news.

When we hear the term ‘fake news,’ we’ve come to associate it with the mainstream media’s perceived bias against President Donald Trump and his administration. The commander-in-chief is not shy about calling it as he sees it, and he’ll be quick on the trigger on social media when a story makes the rounds that takes liberties with reality. Fake news works in other ways as well, as demonstrated by this outrageous story that was making the rounds about Malia Obama.

As Raw Story shares, a blog known as “Freedom Crossroads - America Love It Or Leave It” touted some outlandish claims about Malia, and many folks fell for it hook, line and sinker.

"She was caught, by Embassy Security - aka the U.S. Marines - on the roof of the building burning a doobie and playing with the Ambassador’s carrier pigeons," the post alleged.

That’s a pretty crazy tale, and you would think there would be a ton of consequences for Malia if it was true. The blog confirmed that for us as well.

"She won’t be starting Harvard this fall and she has no future in government, since all government jobs require drug tests," the post continues.

The salacious post quickly furrowed many brows, and it gained a ton of traction as a result. There was a slight problem. It was blatantly false. A gander at the blog’s About Us page points out it "uses facts that don’t exist and relies more on imagination than the truth." Whether this was meant to be satire or not is unclear, but users that fell for this one have some explaining to do.

It became such a thing that both Politifact and Snopes refuted the story as false. Of course, the scores of users that were sharing this story willy nilly could’ve figured that out for themselves if they exerted some effort. Beyond the About Us page, did the users see this story emanating from anywhere else other than an obscure blog? The answer is no, and that’s what we call a red flag.

While this is an extreme example of how blatantly false stories can spread like wildfire, it provides some valuable lessons that we can all learn from. Stories need to be scrutinized for red flags vigorously before they can be taken at face value. While that’s a pain in the neck, it’s a reality in today’s day and age.

How many ‘bombshell’ stories about the Trump administration have we seen that have fallen completely apart upon closer inspection? A lot, and many of them have emanated from outlets that we shouldn’t have to worry about that stuff with. Unfortunately, we do. Whether that’s a result of ingrained bias, sloppy journalism or a combination of both is irrelevant.

For those that have a hard time sniffing these things out, there are still simple things you can do to ensure you’re at least close to getting the real story and not falling for a fake story such as the Malia one. A simple search for the story will tell you all you need to do. If you see it being reported by a number of relatively reputable outlets, there may be something to it. If not, you may want to avoid sharing it until more info pops up.

Source: Raw Story, PolitiFact
Photo: YouTube

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