Lunch Lady Is Furious That She Cannot Feed Hungry Students Hot Lunches

A former lunch lady in a Pennsylvania elementary school quit her job after the school started enforcing new policies. The cafeteria worker was outraged after the school board made a rule requiring her to take lunch away from hungry kids if their accounts were overdue.

Stacy Koltiska worked in the cafeteria of Wylandville Elementary School when the Canon-McMillan School District changed their delinquent lunch account policy. She feels that kids are being hurt through no fault of their own and that the school should take up overdue bills with the parents.

A spokesperson for the school district explains the policy. “After overdrawing the cafeteria account by twenty-five dollars, students in grade K-6 will be able to charge an alternate lunch which will consist of a sandwich, a fruit/vegetable serving and milk. Students in grades 7-12 will not be allowed to charge any additional lunches,” it reads.

Koltiska complains that the sandwich is inadequate. “They get one slice of cheese between two cold pieces of bread, not even toasted. What am I supposed to do? Take their hot tray, remove the food, put down the cheese sandwich and throw it away? And the food director said, ‘Well, don’t let them see you throw it away.’”

The woman was outraged that the school would rather see the hot lunch thrown away than be given to a student who clearly could not afford to pay for lunches. When her employer insisted she seized a tray from a student. However, Koltiska had enough. “He was like, ‘Oh chicken,’ and his eyes welled up with tears and it was so heartbreaking and I’ll never forget it,” she said.

Koltiska is trying to raise awareness of the problem on social media. “These people pass these laws and regulations, but we are the ones taking that food from that child, not you. You make your policies, but we have to enforce them,” she said.

Source: AWM

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