Looters On The Run After Store Owners Fight Back With Police Support

Bad news for looters in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you've been rioting and breaking laws, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are spreading the news on social media.

The CMPD has started tweeting photographs of suspects who have been caught rioting. Chances are if you've had a mug shot taken this week, your name and image are all over Twitter right now.

Since the death of Keith Lamont Scott last week, some citizens are genuinely concerned and have been trying to stage legitimate protests. Others are using the tragic event as an excuse to go wild, destroy property, or score a new television for themselves.

Police at the CMPD have a wall full of photos from security cameras that caught people in the act of committing crimes. Slowly but surely, innocent citizens who are angry about the destruction of their city are turning names into the police. Police are posting the mug shots, names and crimes to shame those who participated in the terrible ordeal.

Some citizens have even taken the opportunity to express their violent tendencies, such as Khalil Wallace, a man who allegedly hit a police officer with a wrench while rioting. These dangerous individuals are also found on the Twitter feed of the CMPD.

It's the 21st century, and it's not easy to make a spectacle of yourself anymore without getting caught on film. If you’re going to do something stupid or dishonest, expect people all over the planet to see it.

Source: IJ Review
Photo: Twitter/CMPD News

Police board of open looting cases.

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