Local High School Takes Stand On Protests: Stand For Pledge Or Leave

A school district from Manheim Township in Pennsylvania has responded to the ongoing protests during the national anthem. In the past year, thousands of Americans have used the playing of the anthem as an opportunity to protest inequality, racial profiling and police brutality.

The protesters have come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from professional athletes to high school students to activist parents.

As a result of these protests, dozens of colleges, schools and companies have been forced to take a stance on kneeling during the anthem. The response from the Manheim School District has been particularly firm when it comes to protests against the flag and anthem.

During a local sports game, school district announcers warned that anyone kneeling during the anthem would be ejected from the stadium. The stern response was first delivered to parents and students at a soccer game between two schools in Manheim.

Here is the code of conduct speech that school district officials read out at the girls’ soccer game:

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Manheim Township’s Kruis Field at Memorial Stadium. In tonight’s Girls soccer game, the Blue Streaks host the Comets of Penn Manor. The Lancaster-Lebanon League and Manheim Township School District are emphasizing good sportsmanship from all coaches, athletes, and fans.

"This contest is being played for the benefit of the students and student-athletes of these schools. No body paint, noisemakers, rally towels, signs, or banners are permitted. No fans are permitted on the track at any time. Now let’s meet the starting lineup, first from our visiting Comets (you will need starters from PM and Terry)……Now the Lady Blue Streaks

"Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and face the flag, gentlemen please remove your headgear. During our National Anthem, we ask that everyone display dignity and respect for our flag, the symbol of the freedom that was won by the millions of men and women who have defended and continue to defend our great nation.

"Anyone not honoring this request to be respectful will be removed from the gymnasium/stadium. At this time let’s honor America as (GR) sings/plays the National Anthem.”

The angry speech was met with confusion and concern by the parents in the sporting field audience. “This guy comes on the PA, the announcer, and he gives a dissertation to everybody, kind of angrily,” said local parent Marcus Blomeier.

“He says, ‘When we do the national anthem if you do not stand, you will be removed from the game.’ I’m like, did I really just hear that?” Mr. Blomeier recalled. “I was floored. Where do you draw the line?”

Mr. Blomeier’s anger towards the school district is shared by dozens of other parents. In a passionate Facebook post, one parent emphasized that her daughter attended school so she could be exposed to conflicting ideas and controversial opinions. While she herself didn’t think kneeling for the anthem was helpful, the parent was furious that the protestors’ rights were being impinged.

However, Marcie Brody, a district spokeswoman, has defended the statement, telling parents that the national anthem “is performed by students, and announcers at all school sporting events ask audiences to be respectful of the performers.”

“This isn’t anything new,” Ms. Brody declared.

However, following a tide of complaints, Ms. Brody’s stance on the announcement quickly changed. “After we reread it, we thought maybe there was a little miscommunication,” she stated. “That’s not the intent. … We will look at the wording.”

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM, YouTube

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