Liberal Judge Temporarily Halts Trump’s Immigration Ban

After President Donald Trump issued an executive order to place an immediate ban on immigration from seven nations Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) quickly brought a suit to challenge it. The decision to put a stop on the order is finding support from the legal community.

Judge Ann M. Donnelly, heard an emergency appeal to the president's immigration order late on Saturday night. The judge granted a temporary stay, which allowed many immigrants en route to America before the order was signed to come into the country.

Donnelly ruled that President Trump's order could cause 'irreparable harm' to those immigrants who already started a life and/or family in the U.S. Protesters in airports across the nation cheered the decision, and Judge Donnelly found much respect among her peers.

The judge has a long history of compliments from her colleagues. Linda A. Fairstein, retired chief of the Special Victims Unit in Manhattan, worked with Donnelly from 1984 - 2009 and found her to have a 'sterling reputation.' “There is a fairness about her to the core that is just extraordinary,” said Fairstein in an interview.

Senator Chuck Schumer, who was choked up in a recent press conference about the treatment of immigrants under the president’s new order, is the one who recommended Judge Donnelly for the federal court. She was nominated to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York by President Barack Obama. The senate confirmed her in 2015 in a vote of 95-2.

“She will not be perturbed by the storm around her,” said Fairstein, noting that Judge Donnelly has 'a firm moral compass.'

Manhattan criminal defense lawyer Eric M. Arnone, who worked with the judge in the prosecutor's office about a decade ago, applauded her late-night decision Saturday. “Today, Judge Donnelly stated in unequivocal terms that this administration — one with no apparent historical and constitutional rudder — will not go unchecked or unbalanced,” he said.

Source: NY Times
Photo: Mad World News

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