Lawyer Who Got Casey Anthony Out Of Murder Gets Some Bad News

The Florida lawyer who handled the infamous Casey Anthony trial shocked the world by getting the young mother acquitted, despite the incriminating evidence against her. As a thank you for his hard work, Anthony has declared bankruptcy, and will not be paying off the $400,000 in legal fees she owes him.

When three-year-old Caylee Anthony was found murdered after being missing for months, suspicion immediately turned to her mother Casey Anthony. Casey didn't report Caylee missing for more than a month, then lied about the child's whereabouts. On her computer, police discovered Google 'fool-proof soffication [sic]' and how to make chloroform. The trunk of her car had maggots and the smell of death. Despite all this, Anthony was acquitted.

From his opening remarks, attorney Jose Baez wove a tale that turned the entire case on his head. Instead of denying Casey's involvement, he said Casey admitted to being involved. He told the jury that Caylee died in a swimming pool accident and he painted Casey as a distraught, abused young mother who didn't know what to do. He painted Casey Anthony's father George Anthony as being behind the tragedy.

The country was stunned when Casey was acquitted of murder, but she did rack up some guilty charges involving her lying and misleading police. The young woman racked up nearly three-quarters of a million dollars in fees, most of which she owed to Baez for his services.

Now, after bankruptcy, Baez won't be getting his money from Casey. But the attorney is probably not worried-- after the national attention he got for the high-profile trial, not to mention the proceeds of the book he wrote about it, $400,000 is probably just a drop in the bucket.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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