Kushner Finally Speaks - Social Media Reacts To His Voice, Not His Message

White House adviser Jared Kushner hasn’t had much to say for himself since assuming his role, but he’s nonetheless been subjected to an ungodly amount of negative press. The president’s son-in-law has been blasted as someone that only has his position due to nepotism, and his name has been dragged through the mud as part of the overall Russia conspiracy narrative.

As the Daily Mail shares, Kushner has finally broken his silence - albeit via a speech he delivered to some tech bigwigs that visited the White House on Monday.

“Together we have set ambitious goals and empowered interagency teams to tackle our objectives. It's working and it's very exciting. Our goal here is simple. We are here to improve the day-to-day lives of the average citizen. That's a core promise and we are keeping it,” Kushner said during the speech. “Together we will unleash the creativity of the private sector to provide citizen services in a way that has never happened before. We will foster a new set of start-ups focused on gov tech and be a leader in the field making government more transparent and responsive to citizens' needs.”

Since Kushner is not one to publicly speak, his remarks generated a ton of buzz. However, that buzz wasn’t about anything he had to say, but rather about how he sounded while delivering them. Users on social media had an absolute field day ripping Kushner to shreds over the sound of his voice.

“Kind of disappointed. Jared Kushner's making his first public remarks and he hasn't been hiding a cool Darth Vader voice. At all,” shared one user.

The marks ran the gamut from chuckle-generating asides to outright attacks.

“It's probably not fair to observe that finally hearing Kushner's voice is a major let-down. Sounds like he's giving an 8th grade valedictory,” added another user.

Of course, attacks weren’t enough for some users that weren’t about to let the opportunity to go for the jugular pass them by.

“After hearing Jared Kushner's voice, I understand why Ivanka was staring at Justin Trudeau with those hungry eyes,” shared one commenter.

“Who knew? Ivanka has a more masculine voice than Jared Kushner,” chimed in another commenter.

Ouch. Those may leave a mark. While criticism of Kushner is fair game due to his position in the White House, it’s a little over the top to assail him over the sound of his voice. It’s a bad look for detractors and critics of the Trump White House, especially when a ton of their argument revolves around the fact that the Democratic Party is the party of inclusion. As such, Trump and the GOP are presented as non-inclusive.

That argument is open for a ton of debate in its own right, and it’s pretty hard to have it be taken seriously when you’re going to throw stones at someone you don’t like with some personal insults. There’s nothing inclusive about that. It’s just plain old mean. Perhaps a gander in the mirror will help those folks form better arguments that can be advanced without resorting to personal attacks.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, Twitter

Twitter users were quick to comment on his voice.

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