Kindergarten Starts Off New Year With Celebration That Includes Professional Pole Dancer

One school wanted to give their students a fun welcome back to school party to start off the new year. Parents were a little shocked, though, when the entertainment included a scantily-clad pole dancer. The kids didn't seem to mind and had a blast as the dancer put on her show for them, but parents were wondering what the administration was thinking.

Every school wants to get kids motivated for the start of a new year each fall. Back-to-school bashes are not uncommon, though they usually include a performance from the school choir, a lot of boring speeches, maybe cupcakes and games. One school in China, however, decided that they really wanted to start with a bang this fall, so they welcomed back students three to six years old with a performance by the pole dancer.

The dancer was dressed in a black crop top and tiny shorts, showing off her long legs in black stiletto heels. Children watched curiously as the dancer jumped on the pole and began to spin. She rubbed her leg and tossed her hair seductively.

The kids actually loved the performance, judging by the video and accounts from people who were present. They most likely thought it was just some kind of strange gymnastics, but as the dancer went from twirling around on the pole to bumping and grinding to writhing around on the floor, the children seemed to think it was a lot of fun.

Some stood transfixed, others bopped along in time with the music showing off some of their own moves.

Parents, however, watched in horror, wondering how on earth any adult working for the school thought a pole dancer was appropriate. A couple of angry parents can be seen pulling kids along by the hands as they hightailed it for the door.

"Who would think this is a good idea?" tweeted Michael Standaert, sharing a video clip of the dancer. "We're trying to pull the kids out of the school and get our tuition back. They wouldn't give us the number of the company that owns the school, but looking into that."

Standaert is a writer who is currently based in China. His kids attend the Shenzhen's private Xinshahui kindergarten, and he's outraged by the event.

School principal Lai Rong thought the pole dancer would put on a good show because pole dancing is 'international', and because swinging around on a pole is good exercise. "I was thinking of asking the forgiveness from the parents and also promising them that we would not teach the kids this kind of dance. I just want the kids to know the existence of this kind of dance. That’s all," Rong told the Washington Post.

"[Children] just think that it’s amazing for someone to be able to fly on a pole like that," she added.

If the administrator really just thought of pole dancing as exercise, you would think that the principal, or even the dancer, would have had the common sense to tone things down. Maybe she could have worn a track suit and trainers instead of a sexy outfit. Maybe instead of twerking in front of the pole she could have gotten kids to clap their hands or jump up and down. It seems like there were a lot of opportunities to avoid this disaster but the adults at the school just missed them all.

Not surprisingly, a lomk9t of parents are trying to withdraw their kids from the school now and are demanding tuition refunds.

Source: VICE
Photos: You Tube Screenshots

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