Kevin Spacey's Brother 'Long Suspected There Was A Dark Side'

The hits have been coming fast and furious for the entertainment industry. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal that shook the industry as a whole to its core, there has been a steady stream of new revelations and allegations leveled against other entertainment bigwigs. Actor Kevin Spacey is one of the latest to be accused of incredibly inappropriate behavior, and he caused himself even bigger problems with his bizarre response to things.

In a nutshell, Spacey somewhat acknowledged the allegations that he made unconscionable advances towards an underage boy while publicly coming out of the closet. Spacey’s personal sexual preferences have little to do with the fact that he may have assaulted a minor, and he was roundly blasted for attempting to change the narrative. Additional allegations have started making the rounds against Spacey, and his Netflix show ‘House of Cards’ is now in limbo as a result.

As The Sun shares, Spacey’s brother, Randy Fowler, has been reached for some insight on things, and he offered up a mouthful. According to Fowler, his brother “created the character of Kevin Spacey to mask a monster.”

“We grew up with abuse and neglect in a house of horrors. Our violent dad whipped us with a riding crop. It scarred us all. I’ve never had children in case that evil personality could be passed on,” Fowler explained. “Now it sadly seems one of us may carry those twisted genes and that person might be Kevin.”

Fowler paints an incredibly bleak picture of their upbringing, and he refers to his own father as ‘The Creature.’ He claims that his father was a “Nazi-loving” man that kept “child pornography” in his office. Additionally, Fowler notes that he believes his brother always struggled with his sexuality, as he never had girlfriends but displayed a healthy interest in male heartthrobs.

“When I asked him straight out if he was gay when we were smoking a joint one day, Kevin just said, ‘I’m not heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, just sexual,’” Fowler continued.

Fowler currently lives in Idaho and works as a limo driver and Rod Stewart impersonator. He notes that he hasn’t even spoken to his brother since the 2002 funeral of their mother Kathleen, but he doesn’t seem all that surprised by the allegations swirling around Spacey these days.

“I’ve long suspected there was a dark side to him, I just hope he gets the help he needs so nobody else is harmed by him,” he added.

While Spacey has not been directly charged with any crimes, the allegations continue to come in. As with the Weinstein scandal, that’s a clear sign that there’s a whole lot more than gossip to see here. Eight members of the ‘House of Cards’ crew have come forward to claim that the star has also harassed them. It’s unclear what the future holds for the hit show at this time. His publicist has revealed that Spacey is “taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment.”

Source: Mirror
Photo: YouTube

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