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If You Love Your Keurig, You May Not Want To Know This

Keurig machines have become so popular that they seem to be breeding like rabbits. Not only are the coffee makers found in a lot of homes these days, but they are also popping up at offices, in waiting rooms and even at actual coffee shops.

Who could really argue? They are extremely convenient for anyone who wants a quick fix when they crave a hot, perfectly brewed cup of java.

Unfortunately, all that glitters isn't gold. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but there are some health concerns about Keurig you might not know about.

Sure, Keurig is easy to use. You don't have to fuss with bean grinders, measuring grounds, cleaning out filter holders or waiting for an entire pot to brew. You just pop in the little K-cup and press go. If it seems too good to be true, it's because it probably is.

For one thing, the water that builds up inside the coffee maker's internal tank can't be drained out. The Keurig company even says that right on the instructions book. And there is a problem with that - because you can't drain it, you can't clean it.

You may be thinking, "Hey, that's okay, it doesn't really need cleaning. Only water goes through it, and the water is frequently being replaced."

Have you ever left water out too long only to find it's become slimy and odd-tasting? Have you ever stepped into the shower and noticed little bits of mold and mildew developing on the shower curtain? That's because bacteria develops in water.

Your Keurig reservoir is not a sterile environment, and there's nothing that prevents bacteria from developing and clinging to the inside of it. The water tank is the ideal home for many happy bacteria that wish to move in and breed: it's dark, warm and wet.

You might want to check your rubber ring on the bottom of the exterior water container. Pull it out, examine it, run a cotton swab around the inside edges. Do you see any signs of black or green? If so, it's mold. You may shudder now.

To be fair, Keurig isn't the only coffee pot that is harboring mold. Even the good, old-fashioned 'Mr. Coffee' style coffee makers with refillable reservoirs are found to be harboring more mold than is sometimes found in the toilet.

Unfortunately, too many people neglect to regularly properly clean those coffee pots, making them just as bad. But at least you can clean them if you need to do it.

There are some other problems with Keurig. How fresh are those grounds that are in those little plastic cups? What kinds of toxins are being leached from the cups, and the lid, when you are brewing a cup of coffee?

And how is the environment going to handle all of those non-biodegradable cups after a hundred years of coffee brewing?

So much for convenient, quick cups of coffee.

Source: Healthy Holisitc Living
Photos: Healthy Holistic Living, PJ/Flickr, bnpositive/Flickr, PxHere

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