Judge Gives Extremely Light Sentence To Teen Who Sexually Assaulted Eight Women

It’s generally understood that there are certain ways you’re expected to act when out in public. Those that find themselves confused about these things can find themselves in some trouble for particularly egregious instances of poor behavior. For example, you would expect that those that walked around a beach groping other beachgoers would end up serving a stint behind bars.

As The Blaze shares, you would be wrong in this case. A judge in Australia has decided that the appropriate punishment for a teen from Afghanistan that groped eight females during a day at the beach is two years probation. Seriously.

The teen was vacationing with his family back in 2016. The family was at Surfer’s Paradise Beach, and the 17-year-old spent two hours groping and fondling eight females between the ages of 15- and 24-years-old. It appears as if nothing was off limits, as he helped himself to handfuls of breasts and buttocks, and he even touched three of the victim's vaginas.

Lifeguards were finally alerted, and the cops were called in.

“If I just say sorry, can we forget all about it?” the teen allegedly said.

The teen would end up being charged with nine charges of sexual assault and three charges of common assault. He plead guilty, but Judge David Kent bizarrely rationalized the teen’s disturbing actions. As Kent sees it, the teen grew up in an environment in which women were not allowed to wear bikinis. While he didn’t come right out and say it, apparently that served as a green light for him to do as he pleased. However, he would acknowledge that the teen was a very bad boy.

“You indulged in behavior which was essentially groping. Essentially touching private parts,” the judge said.

Kent determined that no conviction was warranted, and the teen should simply be sentenced to two years probation. That’s a gigantic slap in the face to the victims, as well as beachgoers everywhere that manage to keep their hands to themselves.

Source: TheBlaze
Photo: YouTube

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