After Years Of Keeping It Hidden, Jerry Lewis' Dark Secret Finally Revealed

When famous folks pass away, the skeletons start coming out of the closet. Sometimes, the skeletons are common knowledge, but they’ve been hidden away for some time since the initial scandal broke.

For example, there were always rumblings that the late Jerry Lewis had a child out of wedlock in the 1950s. Now that he’s passed away, she has been tracked down to tell her side of the story. As Inside Edition shares, she’s not doing too swell in the game of life.

The program caught up with Suzan Lewis, who is now living on the streets of Philadelphia. Yes, on the actual streets. Inside Edition found her in a parking lot, and it was discovered that she carries her possessions around with her in shopping bags.

Lewis never directly acknowledged that she was his daughter, but she’s reportedly the product of his three-year affair with model Lynn Dixon. DNA tests have established that there is an 88.7 percent certainty that’s the case.

When Inside Edition caught up with her, she noted that she only found out that Lewis had even died when a friend told her.

“We can't follow news," Suzan said. "We don’t have a television."

She acknowledges that her current lot in life isn’t ideal, but she makes the best of it. Suzan spends the majority of her time at a local food court due to the controlled temps, and she’ll splurge on a meal from the Chinese restaurant when she’s able to cobble the funds together.

“If you have to be in the street, you may as well have people around you so you don’t feel isolated,” she added.

As for how she wound up on the streets, she has no tales of woe to share.

"It's just something that happened," she said.

As for Lewis, she notes that he “would see me whenever he could.” She has a photo of the two of them standing together on her cell phone. Suzan didn’t provide much in the way of details on how she became estranged from Lewis, or if there was any real relationship to begin with.

“I always look at the bright side. No point being negative - then you'd be miserable.”

Since Lewis left the world with a fortune estimated at $50 million, it’s obviously an incredibly bad look to see that one of his offspring is living on the streets. That being said, we don’t know the whole story here, so we shouldn’t be racing to conclusions.

For example, Suzan is awfully vague on how she wound up out on the streets. She simply says that "It's just something that happened," but there’s usually much more to the story than that.

We won’t speculate on what that might be, but we shouldn’t be rushing to judgement that it’s the late comedian’s fault that a grown woman is living on the streets. It definitely sounds like there’s a lot more than meets the eye here, and perhaps some additional details will start to come out now that Lewis has passed away.

Source: Inside Edition
Photo: YouTube

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