Ivanka Trump Shows A Little Support For The Secret Service On Her Morning Run

It’ was a rough couple of days for Ivanka Trump, but she keeps plugging along and doing her thing. She was roundly assailed for some simple pics that emanated from the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, and that was followed up by her having to watch her brother’s name be dragged through the mud.

Reports that Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign have sent the mainstream media and members of the Democratic Party into a tizzy, and the firestorm shows no signs of slowing down.

For Ivanka’s part, photos emerged of her holding a seat for her father at the summit. She was simply sitting temporarily at a table reserved for world leaders, but a slew of observers took poetic license with what they were seeing.

Historian Anne Applebaum was among the many to hop on the Twitter machine to attempt to portray it as if Ivanka had committed some kind of mortal sin.

In her hyperbolic post, she indicated that Ivanka is "an unelected, unqualified, unprepared New York socialite" that was being presented as "the best person to represent American national interests."

As per usual, Ivanka remains above the fray and continues to carry herself with class. Those that constantly rip her to shreds would be wise to take notes, but we won’t hold out too much hope on that happening.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, she did take the opportunity to blow off a little steam when she returned to the nation’s capital. Ivanka hit the pavement to get a run in, and shutterbugs couldn’t wait to snap some pics of the photogenic First Daughter.

One of the accessories she was wearing turned a ton of heads, and that quickly became a focus of the pics that were shared on social media.

“PHOTOS: Ivanka Trump Sports Secret Service Hat During a Morning Jog,” read one post.

Say what you wish about the Trump family, but it’s been quite clear that they hold the office of the presidency and all that comes with that in high regard. That includes members of the Secret Service, and you would have to think that the brave agents are tickled to work for a family that treats them with such respect.

There have been a ton of horror stories on agents being treated horribly in the past, but it looks like those tales are solely a thing of the past.

While Ivanka is continually blasted and ridiculed for nonsense reasons, she continues to go on with her life and carry herself with grace. She seems to be incredibly focused on raising her children to the best of her abilities, and she just so happens to be a devoted daughter of the sitting president.

In a perfect world, that’s the way it’s supposed to work in all families.

Somehow and someway, her devotion is twisted in the most negative and repulsive ways possible. Those that continue to feel the need to throw stones at her really need to take a deep breath and look in the mirror, as the problem appears to lay with the rock throwers in this situation.

Source: Independent Journal Review, Daily Mail
Photo: Twitter via Independent Journal Review, White House, El Universal, YouTube, North Charleston/Wikimedia

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