It Only Took One Post On Social Media For This Family To Lose Everything

Mark and Becky are a happily married couple from the UK, but they made a major mistake recently. The pair decided to move closer to Mark’s job, and after a long search, they finally found the right home much closer to Mark’s workplace.

They then decided to check out Facebook to try and find a moving service to assist them.

They found a moving firm that appeared highly professional and seemed like they would do a good job for a fair price. Becky contacted the firm and started to plan for moving day.

She scheduled the move, two men came to her apartment on time and worked very hard. They had the apartment fully cleaned out within 45 minutes.

The couple was happy with the movers at first, but it turned out to be a disaster. When Mark and Becky got to their new apartment, their belongings were not there, and the “movers” were nowhere to be found.

They had been scammed and an entire household full of possessions disappeared in just 45 minutes. The one item they still have is their television because they decided to drive it to the new apartment on their own to protect it.

Everything they owned was gone. Even all their personal items such as toys, clothes and event their engagement rings were taken by the scammers.

Law enforcement experts note that Facebook is being used by scammers much more often. Mark and Becky say that they want to share their experience to make sure that everyone will take the time to do some serious research on a moving service they are considering hiring.

They want you to share this story with all of your friends to spread public awareness about this new moving scam that involves setting set up a fake moving company on social media.

Source: Goodfullness
Photo: Goodfullness

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