Internet Users Mock Picture Of Homeless People - One Man Decides To Help Them

If you look hard enough, you can find a silver lining in almost every cloud.

At least that’s how it’s turning out after a cruel post on Facebook poking fun at a homeless couple and their dog in Gloucester earlier this week.

Moreover, rather than people condemning the photog for his mean-spirited post, the pic was popular and a number of people made crude and unwarranted comments about homeless people in response to it.

This cruelty struck a nerve with local Steve Currie, who decided he was going to do something about the situation.

So, the day after he saw the mean post on the Gloucester “Spotted” page, Currie took the first step and set up a Go Fund Me page for the homeless pair.

He notes that the money will be used to help the two homeless people and their dog find some more permanent shelter.

Currie said eventually he hopes to be able to bring in enough to find the two a permanent home.

He explained on the Go Fund Me page: “I saw this guy being made fun of on social media by someone going past in their nice warm car in a Gloucester car park. I have decided to do something about it.”

Currie then explained his plan: “I’ve always wanted to help the homeless but didn’t know how. I’m hoping to raise £1,000 and hope it makes some kind of difference to him, but anything would be good. Hopefully the power of social media can change his life. No one should be living like this in 2017.”

His Go Fund Me page has raised £745 ($950) already.

One person who donated commented: “This is an incredible thing you are doing! Good luck!”

Another contributor remarked: “Hope this helps a little, anyone who is a dog lover deserves our help.”

Source: MetroUK
Photo: Steve Currie/Go Fund Me

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