Idaho Toddler Kills Mom In Gun Accident At Wal-Mart

Today we have yet more proof of the dangers of carrying a gun.

In a tragic incident, a 29-year-old mother was shot and killed Tuesday in a Wal-Mart in Idaho when her 2-year-old son found a loaded pistol she kept in her purse and shot her.

Walmart officials immediately closed the store in Hayden, according to the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office.

The name of the deceased has not been released yet as authorities were still notifying her family.

The sheriff’s office spokesperson also noted that the mother and toddler were shopping with other family members when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Local Sheriff Says Toddler Shooting Mom Was Accidental

“The shooting appears to be accidental,” based on a statement by Sheriff Ben Wolfinger and Lt. Stu Miller.

At a presser late Tuesday, Miller said the mom was shopping in the electronics department when the toddler got ahold of the gun in her purse and it discharged.

“It appears that the victim brought several of her children here to do some shopping after the holidays,” Miller said in describing the shooting to the media. “The child looks like to be sitting in the shopping cart with the purse while the female victim was shopping.”

Source: Fox 8

Photo: The Inquisitr

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