Howie Laughs Hysterically At The Contestant - You Have To See Simon's Face

The judges on America’s Got Talent, were surprised to see 54-year-old Christopher walk out on stage shirtless, in bikini bottoms with a Native American headdress. What could his act possibly be like?

But they were downright confused when he just walked off the stage. What was going on?

It all made sense, however, once he returned and the Village People’s YMCA began to play.

The audience roared with laughter when Christopher walked out wearing a structure that held four puppets who were dressed as the remaining Village People members. The contraption was made from puppets and tubes, and was flexible enough so that he and the puppets could simultaneously spell out “YMCA” with their arms.

“I loved it, it was fantastic,” said Judge Howie Mandel.

Christopher’s performance had the entire crowd on their feet doing the YMCA.

“You’re one of those acts that would want to see again and again,” said Mel B.

Even Simon Cowell liked Christopher’s performance, and ll four judges gave Christopher a “yes” and sent him to the next round. Heidi Klum said she hoped that Christopher would do the Spice Girls next.

Source: Little Things
Photo: YouTube

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