How Many Lines Do You Have On Your Wrist? They Have A Significant Meaning

Skeptics claim palmistry is a thoroughly debunked pseudoscience, but many people still swear by the ancient art. You probably know about your life line and you heart line, but do you know what those lines on your wrist mean? Here's what your wrist creases supposedly say about you.

You should have four lines on your wrist. According to palm readers, these lines alone give discerning information about your health, wealth, influence and longevity.

To check out your wrist lines, hold your palms up facing you, and look below the heel of the palm. You will need a good light source, as some lines can be faint. There should be four lines that run across your wrist.

The top line is your health line. If you have breaks in the health line, it means you're going to suffer some health problems in your life time. If the line is strong, deep and unbroken, it's a good sign - it means you can expect good health throughout your lifetime.

The second line from the top is your wealth line. Again, a strong, deep, unbroken line is ideal. Breaks and splits in this line show financial hardships.

The third line is usually fainter. It's the success line. The stronger it is, the more success you will enjoy. Sadly, some people don't even have a success line. You can imagine what that means.

The last line, a couple of inches below the heel of the palm, is the strength line. Those with a strength line will endure life's problems and come out on top. Their legacy will live on long after they've gone.

Source: Your Nation News
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Check your wrists and see what they say about you.

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