This Is How Community Reacted To Walmart Firing 20-Year Employee For 'Offending' Someone

Frank Swanson was fired from Walmart for providing customer service that went above and beyond, according ATTN.

Swanson, 52, is known for giving customers hugs. In January, Walmart asked him not to hug customers anymore unless they gave permission. So, Swanson began to ask for permission from “the ladies” and “They said ‘yes.’”

However, in the end Swanson, who survived an accident that left him in a coma at age 6, actually got fired over less than a dollar.

He matched the price of an iced tea that was sold by a competitor for $.50 less, however Walmart requires an ad to prove the competitor’s price. Though the woman did not have her circular, Swanson said he had seen the ad and knew the woman was telling the truth.

Swanson routinely read circulars to memorize local prices each day in order to match prices for customers.

Walmart, however, wasn’t satisfied and fired Swanson for not getting the ad from the customer. Swanson and his brother even went and tracked down an archive of the ad. Despite the proof of the competitors price, Walmart still defends their decision of letting Swanson go.

"My brother doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,” Swanson’s brother, Drexel Swanson told ATTN. “His purpose in life since his accident has always been to make other people feel good about themselves and to bring a smile to their face. He loves to hug people, especially the older generation. He says they don’t get enough hugs in their life.”

Source: ATTN
Photo: KSPR, Flickr/Mike Kalasnik

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