Hooters Waitress' Act Of Kindness Prompts Homeless Man To Give Her This

When Morissa, a professional makeup artist, walked up to the Hooters in Phoenix, Arizona to start her second job, she noticed a disheveled man sitting on the curb.

“Today when I pulled into work, I happened to glance into my rear view mirror and notice this man sitting on a curb across the street. His name is Rick,” she wrote on Facebook. “I walk up to him and ask if he’s okay…he barely mumbled a ‘no’ and looked down and started sobbing. I asked if he was hungry…he said ‘very. I helped him off the ground and linked his arm with mine. I introduced myself to Rick and explained that I worked here at Hooters and we would be happy to have him. I sat him down and told him he could order whatever he wanted, on me.”

While Rick was eating, he told Morissa that he was from Ohio and got hit by a car. He couldn’t go to the hospital because he didn’t even have an ID card on him. Morissa told him Hooters was happy to have him and another customer even bought him dessert. He then told Morissa that she had restored his faith.

He then placed a necklace in her hand that had Philippians 4:13 engraved on it. He said it was the only thing he had. They both cried together.

“He finished up his meal and told me he would never forget my name, my face, and how I had given him hope again,” Morissa wrote. “I asked if it was okay if we took a picture together, he was delighted. He even pulled out a small comb and combed his beard for our picture…so cute! As he goes to leave, he takes off his necklace and hands it to me, and told me he wanted me to have it. I was speechless. I still am. This man gave me the only thing that had any value to him. That is a debt I will never be able to repay.”

Source: Little Things
Photo: Facebook/Morissa Pena

Homeless man touched by act of kindness.

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