Homeless Man Does The Unthinkable To Good Samaritan Who Caught Him Stealing

Kisu Brown, a 41-year-old violent homeless man, has been arrested by West Hollywood police in Los Angeles after he attacked a kind-hearted stranger with an axe or hatchet. CCTV cameras captured the bizarre moment Brown – who was caught in the act of stealing items from a 7-Eleven convenience store – launched a violent attack against the Good Samaritan who offered to pay for his items.

According to ‘The Mirror’, Brown was “known as a violent individual” to West Hollywood police and residents. West Hollywood police later told reporters from ‘The Mirror’ that Brown was a long-term homeless resident and had developed a reputation for criminal activity.

The unnamed victim’s plight began when he noticed Brown arguing with a 7-Eleven storeowner while carrying armfuls of shoplifted goods. Despite the tense situation, the generous man recognized that Brown was homeless and offered to pay for the soon-to-be stolen items. Unfortunately, after the unidentified man made his offer, the mood in the 7-Eleven instantly plummeted and Brown began to become violent. By the time police were dispatched, Brown had already produced an axe and was trying to chop at the Good Samaritan’s head.  

West Hollywood police released a succinct statement on the initial outbreak of violence, with a Sergeant Bishop saying: "The suspect became upset, refused the victim’s offer and a struggle ensued. As the victim left the location the suspect pulled out an axe and began to hit him in the head several times."

"At that time, another individual comes out of the store and sees what's going on, as now the suspect is standing over our victim, chopping at his face," described the horrified sergeant. Bishop also describes the moment that Brown nearly disappeared, saying: "For a real quick second, the suspect walks away. He’s still in the view of the camera. He then turns around and comes back and continues to chop at the victim's face while (the victim is) lying on the ground — before he flees."

Despite the dangerous attack from the axe-wielding maniac, West Hollywood police have revealed that the kind-hearted bystander survived his encounter with Brown. Unfortunately, the unnamed man has suffered several axe wounds, brain injury and countless stitches to properly heal and recover. The man’s hand was almost completely severed during the brutal attack. Luckily, local doctors were able to reattach the man’s bloody palm and wrist. “It was a very gruesome attack," added Sergeant Bishop.

At this stage, many things about this incident remain unclear and there are more questions than there are answers. Why was Brown carrying an axe? How many previous felony convictions does Brown hold? What has he been charged with? The only thing that Bishop revealed about the case is a loosely worded statement to ‘bring charges’ as he declared: "We're hoping we can get attempted murder charges filed on this individual."

Unsurprisingly, the incident has triggered outrage from many online commenters. Movdiwarp, a commenter on ‘The Mirror’, expressed the views of many by stating: “[Brown] Should be locked away for life.”  

Source: Mirror
Photo: YouTube, Fox News

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