Hillary Clinton Wears Device In One Eye To Cover-up Her Brain Damage

Questions about the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have been swirling for years now. With numerous falls, collapses, distorted hand positions and facial gestures as well as a mid-speech freeze, there has been a lot of fodder for speculation. Newest accusations revolve around Clinton's special lenses.

Almost four years ago, Hillary Clinton admits there was a health scare. At first, any signs of poor health were brushed away, attributed to her having a cold, then the flu. Finally, in October of 2012, Clinton passed out and was hospitalized.

The report said that Clinton suffered a concussion obtained from the fall when she passed out in her New York home. The cause of the fainting spell was diagnosed as 'transverse sinus thrombosis' and Clinton eventually revealed she had a blood clot in her brain. She began taking blood thinners and for a time wore corrective lenses.

The lenses she wore contain what is known as a 'Fresnel Prism,' which are used for people who suffer from double vision. In time, Clinton reported that she had a clean bill of health and that she was able to ditch the glasses.

Recent photos of Clinton, some as recent as last month, reveal that she only ditched the glasses in public. In semi-private situations, she is shown to still be wearing them.

This indicates Clinton still suffers from something that causes double vision, but her campaign continues to deny she has any condition. These glasses show that Clinton’s health status is not as clear as her supporters might want to believe.

Source: The Conservative Treehouse
Photo: YouTube

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