Hero Spots Woman In Truck With Duct Tape On Her Face, Thwarts Rape Attempt

A man was trying to get to work through the alley, but a truck was blocking the way. He honked his horn, but the 4-x-4 wasn't moving. He got out of the car to give some choice words to the driver over the parking violation.

When he got to the window of the truck he heard a muffled cry and saw a woman with duct tape on her mouth. He sprang into action and rescued the young woman in the nick of time.

A Santa Ana, California man, Taylor O'Neill, rescued a woman from a harrowing experience when a stranger attempted to rape her. The anonymous woman had just met Jorge Alejandro Cruz de Armas, the 27-year-old truck owner, and shortly after meeting him, he attacked her.

Cruz de Armas met the woman that Monday afternoon, and she told him that she was heading to the nearby Wells Fargo Bank branch. He offered her a ride, and she took it. She thought he would just drive her a few blocks, but as soon as she got into the truck, Cruz de Armas told her he wanted to have sex with her, according to the Santa Ana Police Department.

The woman refused, but Cruz de Armas persisted and asked for her number. She continued to refuse.

Cruz de Armas then pulled into an alley and pulled out duct tape. He plastered tape on her face and attacked her in the truck.

That's when O'Neill came by. As soon as the disgruntled driver couldn't get the truck driver's attention, he got out of his car to confront the man. When he looked in the truck he spotted the victim.

"I saw her with her face duct-taped and him on top of her choking her," he said. "That's when I tried to open the door and banged on the window to get her out of there, get her safe, and deal with him later."

As O'Neill created a diversion, the woman managed to unlock the truck door and she ran to safety. O'Neill got a picture of the truck as the suspect drove away, including the license plate.

O'Neill then found the woman and called the police. He stayed with her until the police arrived. He claims she looked 'really scared' as she waited. She told police that she doesn’t remember the duct tape being put on her, which means she might have passed out at some point in a scuffle before Cruz de Armas allegedly taped her mouth shut to muffle her screams.

The good Samaritan was able to hand over the evidence to the police, and they tracked down Cruz de Armas later that day. He was arrested at his workplace and is being charged with suspicion of assault with intent to rape and attempt to rape by force or fear.

Police say they think Cruz de Armas might have more victims out there, and they are urging anyone who has had a run-in with him to contact them.

The young lady made a huge mistake in putting her trust in the strange man, but thankfully someone else happened along at just the right time. More importantly, that person was willing to risk his life to do the right thing and help her.

Source: Fox 8
Photo: KTLA

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