Her Mean Husband Finally Died, So She Does Something Hilarious With Family Portraits (Photo)

If you’ve ever wondered what people did before the advent of Photoshop, here’s your answer.

For one widow, a photo of her with her late husband was too strong a reminder that her husband hadn't really been so nice in real life, so she found a hilarious way to improve her memory of him after his death.

A Reddit user posted about friend's grandmother's effort to create fonder memories of her marriage instead of looking at a constant reminder of the bad times.

So using a magazine cutout that fits almost perfectly, this grandma glued the face of Leonardo DiCaprio over that of her late husband's in their family photo.

Her slightly smiling image in the old picture seems to reflect her self-deprecating effort to move forward with more pleasant memories.

Of note, it appears that old-fashioned “photoshopping” is all the rage in the senior citizen circuit. The post led to dozens of other stories about families who covered over a painful memory in family photos.
One poster shared his grandmother's sneaky modification to a painting of her and her ex-husband:

"My step grandma did something similar to a painting of her wedding portrait. She never liked the portrait. It was a really cheap and poorly done painting of her wedding photo that her ex-husband had made when he was in Thailand. When she got divorced, she had a friend paint over his face with Elvis."

Another poster said that the only remaining visual evidence of her uncle's ex-wife Linda was a tiny line barely visible to the naked eye.

He explained: “My grandfather cut my uncle's second ex-wife out of the 8x10 family portrait from the wedding. He literally cut her out using straight lines, then put the remaining two pieces of the picture back together in the frame. It's not immediately apparent, but once we looked closely and realized that Linda was missing and that there was a vertical line running through the picture (now made of two separate pieces), we had a good laugh.”

Source: IJR
Photo: Reddit

That's pretty good!

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