Harsh Storm Terrifies Elderly Woman, Officer Goes Above And Beyond

On December 27, Oklahoma City was enduring a strong winter storm. That Sunday night, Oklahoma City Police Officer Wilner LaGuerre received a phone call from a scared retired school teacher, Ms. Ross. He could sense "fear and panic" in her voice.

She was worried she would be hurt if her power went out during the storm. The Oklahoma City Police Department described the incident in full, detailing how LaGuerre's ability to speak French helped ease Ms. Ross' worries. The transcript reads:

“Sgt. Laguerre made an immediate connection with the retired school teacher and learned that she speaks French, as does he. He tried to reassure and calm her by explaining that many other people in the area were in the same situation and that she would be fine until the power returned. He ended up searching her home (in the dark and with her approval) and providing her with a working flashlight, candles and matches.

Ms. Ross was still upset and concerned that her cordless phone would not work during a power outage and that she had no way to call for help again if needed. This was her only form of communication with the outside world.

Sgt. Laguerre left the residence and traveled to a couple of Walmart stores until he located a simple land-line phone. He purchased the phone with his own money and returned to the elderly woman’s home where he located a working phone jack, installed the phone and showed her how to use it.

This is a shining example of true service to one’s community. Way to go Sgt. Laguerre.”

LaGuerre is also a Staff Sergeant in the Air National Guard, where he served as a mechanic stationed with the 137th Maintenance Squadron at Will Rogers.

LaGuerre is the type of person who goes the extra mile for anyone and makes America great.

Photo: Enstarz

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