Gun Store's Sign Is Calling All 'Morons' Out

A Texas gun store is receiving quite a bit of attention after its sign was posted online. In fact, the post has gone viral. The sign is located at Alamo Tactical in San Antonio where Reddit user TrueHysteria17 saw it and took a quick picture, to post online. The sign has a dark red box in the middle of the flyer reading, “PLEASE DO NOT UNHOLSTER A LOADED WEAPON IN OUR STORE.” Then, it reads:

There are only 3 reasons to unholster your loaded firearm

- You are robbing us

- You are shooting the person robbing us

- You are an incompetent moron

After that, the sign describes what happens to those who ignore the warning:

- You will be shot

- You will be thanked

- You will be treated like a moron and asked to leave

Photo: Youtube, Opposing Views

Hopefully customers read this before entering, to avoid embarrassment or worse.

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