This Girl's Story Should Serve As A Reminder - Always Heed Warning Labels

If there’s a warning label placed on a product, it’s there for a reason. Nonetheless, those warnings are sometimes dismissed as mere poppycock, and users of the product in question can wind up on the receiving end of a rude awakening. That’s what happened to sixteen-year-old Tylah Durie of Australia, who woke up one morning looking as if she had been manhandled by a UFC fighter.

Durie wasn’t pleased with the shade of her eyebrows and eyelashes, so she decided to do something about it. She headed down to the local store to grab some hair dye, and she set forth on a mission to transform her look. It didn’t work out too well.

“I woke up almost blind because of the reaction, my eyes had blown up like huge balloons, I was crying and screaming. It was like having beach sand thrown in your eyeballs and not being able to get it out, then a stinging like razor blades on my eyebrows,” she says.

Turns out that using the hair dye on your eyebrows and eyelashes when the package clearly states you shouldn’t do such a thing is a bad idea. Durie would have to seek medical attention, as she wound up with some wicked chemical burns.

“I was terrified of losing my eyesight at such a young age. An optometrist the next day told me how lucky I was not to have gone blind,” she added.

We’ll agree with the optometrist. While it certainly looks like she suffered enough to have learned her lesson, this could have turned out far worse. As her story has made the rounds, the reaction from commenters has been decidedly mixed.

“She’s a beautiful girl and doesn’t need makeup,” said one user.

“Read the directions, don’t use this product on your eyelashes or eyebrows,” added another.

Here’s to Durie paying some extra attention to warning labels as she moves forward in life.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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