Girl's Senior Photos Go Viral After People See What's Lurking In The Back

If one of your pics manages to go viral, most users would be hoping that it was for the right reasons. That’s especially true for the all-important senior year pics. The final year of high school is filled with all kinds of moments that allow you to reflect on how far you’ve come as you look ahead to the next part of your journey, and senior pic day definitely qualifies as one of those moments. Many students will take their time to make sure everything is just right so that the moment in time stands still and manages to resonate for years to come.

For Jillian Henry, a 17-year-old from South Eugene, Oregon, there’s no question that her pic resonated. She looked fantastic and all, but her pic still stood out like a sore thumb. It wasn’t because of anything she did or what she was wearing, but rather because she had an unexpected visitor in the background that inadvertently photobombed her big day. As Oregon Live shares, that would be the random naked guy that’s clearly visible off in the distance.

Thankfully, Henry and company weren’t in any danger or anything like that. They decided to snap her pic at the coast fork of the Willamette River near Mount Pisgah, and random naked guy apparently had that spot on his itinerary for the day as well. Even more bizarrely, he was walking his dog - all while stark naked. Despite the unwelcome distraction, Henry was able to find the humor in the situation. Once it was shared online, scores of users did as well.

"I posted it and was super excited when it got to just a few hundred favorites, and then I went swimming and was out of cell service for a couple hours and when I got back into service it was at a few thousand and just kept getting more and more," she explained. "I never expected it to get that big."

Going big is an understatement, as the pic went viral in a hurry. While it wasn’t quite the way she wanted her senior pic day to turn out, she’s nonetheless pretty fascinated by how it all turned out.

"It's kinda crazy when you think about how many people have seen that picture of you and that's it's a topic of conversation across the country," she added.

As for random naked guy, there’s no word on whether or not he knows that he became a viral sensation for at least a little while. In any event, we hope that he was able to locate his clothes before completing the rest of the items on his itinerary for the day. For Henry, it’s a memorable day in what will hopefully be a memorable senior year for her. Looking ahead, she will be able to hold this over her own children’s heads while explaining to them that ‘there’s no way you’ll be able to top this one even if you tried.’

Source: Mad World News, Oregon Live
Photo: YouTube

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