Girl Brutally Attacked By Bully - School’s Response Is Disturbing

A number of local parents are complaining that a culture of bullying has developed at an elementary school in Alabama. Relating to this, a third-grader recently ended up with a concussion and two black eyes after being beaten by a bully at L.E. Wilson Elementary School in Sheffield, Alabama.

Lanny’s mother, Kelly Turpin, claims that her nine-year-old daughter was beaten by a larger girl when they disagreed.

It seems that when Turpin was called to the school, she was given the rather unbelievable explanation that her daughter “fell and was hurt accidentally”.

“The nurse started telling me my daughter fell and was hurt accidentally, but my daughter said "No mom, it wasn't an accident",” Turpin noted in an interview with the media.

Lanny then said she had been walking to art class when the other girl jumped her and started to attack her.

It seems the girl who attacked her “did not want her being friends with another person”.

The bully apparently asked Lanny not to tell anyone about the attack, despite the fact Lanny smashed her head on a pole when she fell to the ground during the attack.

Lanny was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but was released with bruising and a mild concussion.

Her mom decided to post pictures of her daughter’s injuries on social media.

Turpin posted on Facebook that the bullying occurred after her daughter “was being nice to a mentally-challenged child and the other girl didn't like it”.

L.E. Wilson Elementary School Principal Tony Willis remarked that he cannot comment on the specific incident, but released a statement:

“With any incident, we're going to look into it and follow our code of conduct to the letter. We try to be proactive rather than reactive and make sure students are comfortable enough to talk with us when they encounter problems.”

Keep in mind that several other parents besides Turpin also allege the school has a problem with bullying, and that something needs to be done about it as soon as possible.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: Facebook

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