Ghost 'Haunts' Calculator, Continually Prints A Symbol To Celebrate Couple's Engagement

After a newly engaged couple noticed their calculator printing a mysterious diamond shape that they could not replicate, they concluded that the calculator was haunted by a ghost wanting to celebrate their engagement. Wanting to capture the ‘ghostly encounter’, Mr. Fran Lussier filmed the incident, with his fiancée and himself asking the ghost to print more diamonds to no avail until they pretended to turn the camera off.

“My fiancée told me earlier in the day that this printer was going off while she was the only one home,” Mr. Lussier explained in the viral YouTube video. “It was printing a diamond symbol that we could not replicate later when we tried.”

“We were getting ready to go out and she sat down at this desk and was putting her shoes on when it started printing again and stopped.”

When Mr. Lussier’s fiancée called out, Mr. Lussier asked the calculator to “print the diamond symbol and it did it without presentation.” Not believing his own eyes, Mr. Lussier began to film the calculator. “This was what happened. The timing is just unreal,” Mr. Lussier captioned his video, titled ‘Real Ghost Communication.’

However, as soon as Mr. Lussier turned on his camera, the calculator mysteriously stopped printing. Despite asking a number of times, the printer remained inanimate, before Mr. Lussier’s fiancée asked, “Are you camera shy? You printed one, two, three, four, five of them.”

Mr. Lussier then asked the ‘ghost’, “If we turn the camera off, will you print the diamond symbol?” Despite telling the ghost that the camera was off, the filming continued, when Mr. Lussier again asked the ghost to “print the diamond symbol.”

The calculator immediately jumped into life, printing the symbol as Mr. Lussier and his soon-to-be wife jumped back in fear, screaming. “Oh my god! That is so f***ing sketchy!” Mr. Lussier exclaimed. “This thing is printing by itself!”.

Amongst the hordes of ‘real-life’ ghost encounters, a school in Cork, Ireland, decided to have some spooky fun in the lead up to Halloween, staging a ‘haunting’ in the corridors of the school at night. The video, coincidently unexplainable by the school’s principal, Mr. Kevin Barry, first showed an empty corridor late during the night. The eerie video first shows a door appearing to loudly slam ‘on its own,' before some lockers further down the corridor begin to vigorously shake.

After building suspense, the contents of a locker are mysteriously strewn across the floor before a yellow wet floor ‘caution’ sign is knocked over. Mr. Barry told a popular Irish news site that he did not know whether a ghost was haunting Deerpark school, however, he did mention that it may have something to do with the school’s upcoming Halloween themed night, labelled ‘Fearpark’.

“Obviously we were alerted to movement in the school and when we went back to review the movement that's what we saw. It was in the middle of the night. We're bemused ourselves, we don't know [what it is].”

‘Fearpark’, according to deputy principal, Aaron Wolfe, was the public’s chance to “see if [the school] is really haunted after all.”

Source: AOL, Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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