Funeral Workers Horrified When They See What Man Is Doing To Corpse

Crimes involving corpses are particularly disturbing, mainly because of the incredible lack of respect for the dead evidenced by such acts. This particular crime, while not as grisly as it could have been, remains just as disturbing.

A new suit can do wonders for your self-esteem and can be quite useful if you're job hunting or have a hot date. Unfortunately, suits at retail outlets can be expensive. Some people turn to thrift shops in hopes of finding suitable garments for a more affordable price, but one guy stooped to stealing it from a dead man.

Police in Leitchfield, Kentucky are looking for a burglar who broke into a funeral home and made off with the clothes of a dead man. The man was supposed to be dressed in the suit for a memorial service and buried in it, according to the funeral director.

The bold thief broke into Watson and Hunt Funeral Home on Wednesday evening at around 8:30 p.m. after staff had gone home, and spent several hours inside the office. During his time there, he took a nap in the funeral director’s chair at his desk. He then stole some electronics, including a PlayStation game console belonging to the owner, and a set of hearse keys. No reports on any of the hearses missing.

Robbing a funeral home office is bad enough, it seems, as the suspect then decided to add insult to injury. He robbed the personal belongings of a deceased man who was being prepared for a memorial service and burial. The burglar took the dead man's clothes, put them on and wore them during his heist. He even stole jewelry from the deceased that would have belonged to the man’s family.

The thief clearly wasn’t in a rush. Hours after breaking in, he finally fled, but not before getting caught on video.

"He did a pretty morbid thing as far as I'm concerned and doesn't show much respect," Detective Kevin Smith of the Leitchfield Police Department told WDRB. "This is disturbing. I think that's the best way I can describe it."

The suspect was caught changing on hidden cameras in the funeral home. Police have released images hoping someone will recognize him and turn him in. He has a large tattoo on his upper left arm that may help someone recognize him.

Authorities are hoping that the man, realizing that his photos have been released, will do the right thing and turn himself in. "You can redeem yourself. Man up, come forward and let us work with you and we'll do what we can to help you out," said Smith.

Police have since had a break in the case. They believe the suspect was the same suspect wanted in an incident in a nearby Walmart. Earlier this week, another person was caught on video running out of Walmart after allegedly committing theft. Police believe it to be the same man based on the videos.

The funeral director also says he's received tips about who the man might be. The investigation is still open and if anyone has any further information, the funeral director is urging those people to get in touch with the Leitchfield Police or the Grayson County Dispatch.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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