Former Bank Robber Kills Family To Keep Other Grizzly Secret Hidden

A man appeared in court on Friday and pleaded guilty to first-degree and second-degree murder charges. The man, who has a criminal history of bank robbery, killed his mother and two of his brothers. He feared his family would reveal to his fiancé that he lost his job due to lying about his criminal record.

Brett Ryan, of Ontario, pleaded guilty in 2009 to eight bank robberies, and spent three years in prison. You might remember him as the 'fake bearded bandit' who was wanted in connection with some 14 bank robberies.

The former robber tried to put the past behind him when he got out. He got a job. He met a woman and got engaged. Things seemed to be going swimmingly, except his lies finally caught up with him.

Ryan was fired from his job about two months before the murders because he lied on his job application. He neglected to mention his robbery convictions. He started telling his fiancé he was working from home while the two lived together in a condo.

Just a couple of days before the murder, and with the wedding only two months away, Ryan broke down and confided in his mother that he lost his job. His mother, 66-year-old Susan Ryan, had been financially supporting him. She urged him to come clean, but Ryan feared his fiancé would break up with him.

Ryan set up a laptop, iPad and iPhone in his condo, and they were supposed to be activated. He hoped it would give him an alibi. He then went to Susan's home in the early afternoon and confronted her.

The two argued, and Susan called her other son. Ryan's older brother, 42-year-old Christopher, hurried over. Before he got there, Ryan stabbed his mother with a crossbow arrow and strangled her to death.

When Christopher arrived, Ryan shot him in the back of his neck with the crossbow. As Ryan moved the bodies into the garage, his 29-year-old brother, Alexander, came in. The two had a terrible knock-down, drag-out fight, but Ryan got the upper hand at some point and stabbed Alexander to death.

Another brother, 38-year-old Leigh, heard the commotion. Apparently, Leigh lived in the home and had been in his room this whole time, oblivious to what was going on in the other part of the house. He saw the bodies and ran back to his room to call for help, but Ryan followed and assaulted Leigh. The fourth brother managed to escape. He called 911 from a neighbor's house.

Police arrived and discovered the bodies at the scene, and Ryan waiting for them. He was arrested and has pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree murder for his mother’s death, and two counts of second-degree murder, for each of his brothers. He has also been charged with attempted murder of his surviving brother. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, though he'll be eligible for parole in 25 years.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: CBC Screenshot

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