Food Truck Owner Refuses to Serve Police to Keep Customers Feeling Safe

A food truck owner in Detroit, Michigan has gotten a lot of attention, but it's not because she serves the best food. With all the controversy going on about police, she's taken a stand against authorities.

The owner refuses to serve the local police officers, or any other local, state or federal law enforcement agents. She says she's just trying to make her customers feel safe, but not everyone agrees with her methods.

Rocky's Road Brew in Detroit, Michigan has a sign hanging on the truck that reads, "We Refuse the Right to Refuse Service to Cops."

Owner Rocky Coronado says that she is well within her rights to turn away any law enforcement officers of any agency, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE) or local police. She says she does so for the safety of her customers, who don't feel comfortable around authorities.

Coronado got attention after an encounter at her truck.
"Yesterday, two people came by in an unmarked, black suburban with tinted windows both with bulletproof vests and badges. I do not serve law enforcement (ICE, Homeland Security, DPD, etc) so I told em I was closed to not make a tense situation more so," she explained on her Facebook Page.

They then circled back around with a lady (still with bulletproof vest and badge)getting out of her vehicle asking why I didn’t serve them. Not feeling confrontational, I meekly told her that I don’t serve law enforcement. She told me she was w the humane society and that we probably have the same political ideas."

"That’s when I was ready to rectify the situation but she quickly became belligerent," Coronado explained.

The Humane Society agent took pictures of the place, as well as Coronado's sign, and eventually this led to the small food truck getting a lot of attention, both good and bad. Coronado says that people in groups like All Lives Matter, Christian churches and others have been harassing her, slandering her, and leaving negative views.

On the flip side, a lot of people who agree with Coronado's policy have been flocking to show support and give rave reviews.

Not everyone in the neighborhood agrees with Coronado's policy. A man who owns the business next door doesn't like what his neighbor is doing. He says most of the officers in the area grew up in the neighborhood and are all about community.

"Southwest [Detroit] should be a case study for how to police this country... in a good way," he said to Fox News.

He feels the local police and community have always otherwise come together and been very cordial. He wants the neighborhood, from business owners to customers to authority figures, to remain unified and work together.

The local police department say that, overall, they haven’t had any problems with any other businesses. “Generally speaking, we have good relations in that neighborhood, but my officers tell me whenever they’ve been in that area investigating criminal matters, she’s been uncooperative and rude,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig to The Detroit News.

Coronado feels justified in her position. "As a brown queer person in America, I am well aware that my very being is a threat to Amerikkka and its lineage of genocide, fragility, and hate. My very existence is my resistance and just like my ancestors, I am resilient," she explains.

Source: Fox News
Photos: Fox News Video Screenshot

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