Fisherman Catches Once-In-A-Lifetime Rare Blue Lobster

Part of the excitement of setting out on the high seas to do a little fishing is that you never do know how the day is going to go. While the hope is that you’ll find a fantastic spot that’s the equivalent of an aquatic jackpot, there are other days in which you can’t get a bite to save your life.

Beyond what the day’s haul may end up being, there’s also the possibility that you’ll come across something you’ve never seen before. That’s what happened to this fisherman off the coast of England, as he managed to haul in an incredibly rare gem of a shellfish.

As the Daily Mail shares, Gary Ely was out in his boat off Mersea Island in Essex, and he cast some nets out to see what he could haul in. It’s a good thing he did, because there was a one-in-two-million-chance crustacean swimming about underneath.

Ely hauled in an incredibly rare blue lobster, but it took a little while for it to sink in.

“I hadn’t realised just how blue the lobster was until I saw it against the other lobsters dad had caught,” his daughter, Stacey, said. “It was spectacular. It was a hot weekend and desperate to keep the lobster – we have called it Loui - alive over the weekend.”

Once they realized how special this lobster was, he was removed from the list of options for the evening’s dinner menu. They got some assistance to make sure that their new pal Loui would be safe until they could figure out their next move.

“Dad left him in safe hands at the Company Shed fish restaurant where they kept him alive in their holding tanks with all the other lobsters,” Stacey continued. “Luckily no one boiled him up or ate him. I did some investigations first thing Monday morning and soon found Loui a home.”

We’ll echo that sentiment. It’s a good thing that no one had a hankering for some blue lobster while the Ely family set out finding a permanent home for Loui. The Elys were successful in their quest, and it sounds like Loui has got himself some swanky new digs.

“Tuesday morning dad took Loui over to the Southend Sealife Centre where they will now keep him in quarantine for 30 days before he can be released into the tanks with the rest of the salt water animals,” Stacey added.

She continued, “They must keep him in quarantine to ensure he doesn’t carry any diseases that could spread to the other shellfish or fish in the tanks. Loui should be out of quarantine by 7th August and waiting to show off his pretty blue shell in his new tank.”

Kudos to the Elys for going the extra mile to find a new home for their shell-adorned pal as opposed to dropping him in a pot of boiling water with his red-colored friends. In this case, the fact that Loui has a genetic mutation that causes him to look different than others worked out to his benefit.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: YouTube, MailOnline, Echo News, Mud Bugs Crawfish/Facebook Generic Photo, Sschemel/Wikimedia Generic Photo

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