Feel-Good Internet Posts That Will Make You Smile

If you're ever having a rough day, if the stress is getting to you and you just want to scream, don't lose your cool. Just relax and check out social media. There are so many posts that will bring tears to your eyes-- for the right reasons. Many of these posts have succeeded in spreading smiles.

Police In The Kitchen

Police officers in the Netherlands responded to a call when a mother of five suffered from a medical issue. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment, but a couple of police officers stayed behind to cook dinner for her children. They even did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.


Crying Man

A gif of a man being brought to tears and wiping his eyes actually has a sweet story behind it. The man is Herman Gordon, and he works as a janitor at Bristol University. Students had just given him money they raised so he could take a trip home to Jamaica to visit his family, and he was overwhelmed by their generosity.


He Got a Lift

One Egyptian fan at a soccer game was in a wheelchair so he couldn't see his team play. Other fans surrounding him, even though they were supporting other teams, worked together to pick the man up-- wheelchair and all-- so he could see a bit of the game and cheer on his favorite team.


It's A Mom Thing

Moms are constantly putting their babies before themselves, even the non-human moms. One Doberman was caught curled up and napping on a tiny pillow that was much too small for her. The reason? Her puppy was asleep on her big doggie bed, and she didn't want to disturb him.


Busker Brings Tears

A busker playing his guitar for donations in a New York City subway caught attention with the sign in his guitar case. instead of requesting donations, the sign urged people in need to take money from the case. It's people like this who can restore your faith in humanity.


It's Not A Riot

The sea of faces in this crowded school hallway is not because kids are trying to get away to start the weekend, or trying to get a glimpse of a fight. A classmate's mother just lost her battle with cancer, and the whole school poured out into the hallway to give hugs and support.


A Heartfelt Apology

The story behind the flowers and cookies are enough to melt your heart. A man who is autistic and bipolar lost his cool and said some mean things to a friendly neighbor. The man made his apologies with this gift, and a card.


Saving The Day

When a tree fell that contained a woodpecker's nest, some local was very concerned about the babies inside. The frightened mother woodpecker had fled. The person carefully cut the section of the tree that contained the nest and duct-taped it to the nearest tree. It worked-- the mother returned!

Source: Bored Panda

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