'Father-Son' Video With A Powerful Message Is Going Viral

The sole purpose for commercials is advertisement, but sometimes one can be so well-done that it just tugs at the heart strings. One more commercial has been going viral, with nearly 6,000,000 views on YouTube.

The commercial features a young boy sitting on his bed watching a Spanish dancer. The boy has posters all around his room of Spanish dancers-- not something you usually find in a grade-school age kid's room.

The boy's father comes home and hands him a gift. In the box is a judo uniform. The boy looks confused, and viewers are left to wonder if the dad doesn't think Spanish dancing is a manly enough dream for his son.

The boy and his dad head off the next day for lessons. At that point, we see the boy is a victim of bullying. He hurries past his tormentors with his head down.

After months of hard work, training and classes, the boy increases in his judo skill level, winning new belts and trophies. Then dad comes home with a new gift-- a Spanish dancer costume. The delighted boy rushes to hug his supportive father.

Now, as the boy walks down the block alone in his new outfit, he holds his head high. The bullies don't scare him anymore. His martial arts training has given him the confidence he needs. His father, watching from the window, smiles. It all went according to plan.

"When you're pursuing your dream, it helps to have the right insurance first," reads the caption.

The American Family Insurance company put out the commercial, with the hashtags #DadInsurance and #DreamFearlessly. The inspiring video is making its rounds quickly.

"I never thought I'd say this but I've finally given in to an insurance advert.," wrote one commenter on YouTube.

"I promised myself I wouldn't cry....and then [the moment he got the dance costume] hit," wrote another.

Talk about truth found in advertising.

Photo: Youtube

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